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Paw Print

ClayPaws prints. Life, Loss, and Love.

An imprint can be made of your faithful companion’s paw. This is a wonderful remembrance. The imprint is made in specially formulated, non-toxic modeling compound. After it is baked, it hardens into a permanent, resistant artful piece, that you will cherish along with all the memories of your friend.

Small Dog, Print Only

Cat, Print only

The Clay impression is $35 with a $5 discount if you elect private cremation.  The imprint is hand made and can have pet hair in it.  We will bake the impression to set the print permanently, or if you make special arrangements we can give you the unbaked mold so you can add lettering or other impressions.

Small dog print with letter stamps

Cat with letters and date stamped

We can also add lettering, dates, heart stamps, and holes to the clay impression.  Clay paws with the lettering is $55 with a $5 discount for private cremations.  Keep in mind the size of the paw print can limit the amount of additional impressions we can make.


Small dog with painted lettering, dates, and hearts.

Cat with painted letters, date, years, and holes.

Here are two examples of how you can paint your print.  At this time we do not offer to paint the prints for you.