Dr. Adamson’s Family

Tessa, Dottie, and Melissa relaxing.

Dottie (the white cat above) is my oldest cat. Tessa (black chihuahua mix) was rescued from Miami animal control after being turned in with a litter of puppies.

Tink (brown) and Tessa (black) laying in bed.

Tink (brown chihuahua/min-pin mix) was found by the Pembroke Pines Police running the streets, no collar, and no microchip.

Hobbes, our bottle baby, sleeping.

Hobbes was found outside with his two sisters with no mom around when he was about two weeks old. Unfortunately his sisters did not make it the first night. I bottle raised him and he is doing very well.

Calvin, ready to pounce on someone or something

Calvin was part of a litter of kittens found abandoned. Calvin’s brother and sister found a home. I decided Hobbes needed a buddy and kept him.